Deployment Guide

  1. Clone aurras-deployment-kubernetes with submodules

git clone https://github.com/HugoByte/aurras-deployment-kubernetes --recurse-submodules

2. Navigate to openwhisk setup directory

cd aurras-deployment-kubernetes/openwhisk

3. Label the two worker nodes so that one is reserved for the invoker and the other will be used to run the rest of the OpenWhisk system.

kubectl label node kind-worker openwhisk-role=core
kubectl label node kind-worker2 openwhisk-role=invoker

4. Get InternalIP of the cluster

kubectl describe node kind-worker | grep InternalIP: | awk '{print $2}'

5. Creating mycluster.yaml with apiHostName as InternalIP of the nodes

Assuming the IP returned from the above step 4 as ""

    type: NodePort
    apiHostPort: 31001

  httpsNodePort: 31001

6. Create a namespace

kubectl create namespace aurras

7. Deploy Openwhisk using helm

helm install openwhisk ./helm/openwhisk -n aurras -f mycluster.yaml

8. Get the summary of installation using

helm status openwhisk -n aurras

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