Deployment Guide

  1. Clone aurras-deployment-kubernetes with submodules

git clone --recurse-submodules

2. Navigate to openwhisk setup directory

cd aurras-deployment-kubernetes/openwhisk

3. Get InternalIP of the cluster

kubectl describe nodes | grep InternalIP

4. Creating mycluster.yaml with apiHostName as InternalIP of the nodes

Assuming the IP returned from the above step 3 as ""

    type: NodePort
    apiHostPort: 31001

  httpsNodePort: 31001

5. Create a namespace

kubectl create namespace aurras

6. Indicate the Kubernetes worker nodes that should be used to execute user containers by OpenWhisk's invokers

kubectl label nodes --all openwhisk-role=invoker

7. Deploy Openwhisk using helm

helm install openwhisk ./helm/openwhisk -n aurras -f mycluster.yaml

8. Get the summary of installation using

helm status openwhisk -n aurras

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